New album:
Sounds of Interstellar Space (2021)

Sounds of Interstellar Space is a journey from Earth through our Solar System and beyond into the Interstellar Space. Sonified space objects formed the rock and the roadmap for the composition, by evoking an atmosphere or initiating a melody, harmony or a rhythm. TRIFID became entangled with the universe in order to create, as Mark McCoughrean (Senior Advisor for Science and Exploration, ESA) and Günther Hasinger (director of Science, ESA) aptly put it in the liner notes, ‘a place that lies somewhere between the familiar and the unknown.’

The composition is written by Rik Cornelissen for the concert series Sounds of Interstellar Space (2019-2020). A project in which we had the pleasure to perform in observatories, museums and universities and collaborated with renowned researchers from, among others, the European Space Agency (ESA), the University of Amsterdam and the Radboud University.

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Debut album: Dreamscape (2018)

Recorded live @ the Beauforthuis on the 19th of november 2017 and features Teus Nobel (flugelhorn) and Oene van Geel (viola & voice). All compositions are written by Rik Cornelissen and Vincent Houdijk.



Trifid feat. Teus Nobel
Secrets of the Moon
Moonshine Song feat. Teus Nobel & Oene van Geel
Dreamscape of the Subconsciousness feat. Teus Nobel
UY Scuti feat. Oene van Geel
Earth feat. Oene van Geel

1, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10 composed by Rik Cornelissen
2, 3, 5, 9 composed by Vincent Houdijk

Rik Cornelissen

Rik Cornelissen (NL) is seen as an ambassador for his instrument and is inspired by jazz, tango and classical music. With an open mind he composes and creates new pieces that navigate between styles and show the versatility of the accordion. Rik’s style is subtle, communicative, refined and he knows how to effortlessly transform the dynamic and tonal possibilities of his instrument. He has shared the stage with Bert van den Brink, Ramon Valle, Juan Pablo Dobal, Angelo Verploegen and the Radio Philharmonic String Quartet amongs others, worked with Opera Zuid, Paul Verhoeven and Mini & Maxi,  is as educator committed to the Jazz & Pop department of ArtEZ, University of Arts  and is currently a PhD candidate at the KU Leuven and the Orpheus Institute in Genth (B).

Vincent Houdijk

Vibraphonist Vincent Houdijk (NL) is known for his sense of melody, harmony and swing. In 2016, Houdijk was chosen by Dutch programmers as the most promising jazz talent of the Netherlands. Vincent worked with ao. Ravi Coltrane, Sean Jones, Ivo Janssen, Eric Vloeimans and the world famous Metropole Orchestra. His style can be characterized as fusion jazz with strong personal and contemporary elements, without ego-tripping, but with democratic values, lots of melody and punctuality. Houdijk puts down a solid, deep sound with an energetic and inspired performance, showing that he understands the spirit of our time and can also touch his audience emotionally.

Maciej Domaradzki

Bassist Maciej Domaradzki (P) initially started his career as a classical educated trumpet player, but switched to bass during his studies in Poland, Austria and The Netherlands. He has worked withao. MarkMurphy, PaulStark, Jasper Blom, Ben van Gelder and the Zeeuws Orkest. With the Sebastiaan van Bavel Trio he won an Edison Award, in which his performance was compared with that of Scott LeFaro. He distinguishes himself by his deep and velvety bass sound, cast iron groove and spacious solo’s.

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